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Streaming Device account creation/activation

We help you with Streaming Device account creation, account activation and Secure login for your device and ensure the same in future.

Streaming Device code activation

Roku or other streaming device code activation for Netflix, M-go account is also done by our technical service team round the clock.

Streaming Device channel Addition

Our support extends from adding channels for Roku and other Streaming Device and help you with getting your free and paid channels.

Channel streaming

Our Tech executives guide you to set up your favorite channels and customize it, so that you will never miss your programs with Streaming Device.

Trouble shooting

Streaming Device trouble shooting procedure,includes figuring out all the troubles in your player and fixing them.

Streaming Device connectivity

Streaming Device connectivity could be done with our technical guidance, including the built in player in TCL and other separate devices.


  • Roku Streaming Device should be connected to the TV.
  • Connect your Roku player to the router.
  • Turn on and boot your Roku Streaming Device player up.
  • The Roku activation code or any other Streaming Device activation code will be displayed on your TV screen, to link your player.
  • Go to in your computer or any other links   provided by Roku Streaming Device
  • Enter the code, click “Submit” to complete the linking process.
  • If you have any questions, please call us on our toll-free number +1-866-532-9923 for support.

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Roku player provides all your favorite channels through wifi or connection to an Internet, with the compatibility of connection to any television set. Channels can provide on-demand content or live streaming video. Both free and paid channels are available, they include services such as PBS, YouTube, Google Play Movies and TV, Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video, Crunchyroll, WWE Network, HBO Go, Hasbro Studios, TheBlaze and more. You can add or remove different channels through the Roku Channel Store. Play games, get connected to your social network and get more apps, with over one million viewers and delivered 15 million channel downloads it is a major player in broadcast media.

Setting up the player (

You can use the following steps to set up your Roku player

  •  Find out whether the audio/video connection type available on your TV is HDMI, Component or composite type.
  •  Connect your Roku player to the TV using the respective cable.
  •  Find out whether you have a wired network or wireless network.
  •  The wired network requires a physical cable connection to the player, whereas wireless connection requires only a user name and password.
  •  Power adapter should be connected.
  •  Switch on the power to get the setup screen.
  •  When asked for the network option, just choose the appropriate option to connect to the internet.
  •  The player automatically downloads and installs the latest software.
  •  Once the software installation is over, the Roku Player reboots.
  •  It restarts and displays a startup screen.
  •  After setting the time zone, it displays a unique code to link the Roku Player.
  •  Type the URL on your computer
  •  Now enter the unique code displayed by the player here and click submit.
  •  Create a new account
  •  Login and setup a payment method.
  •  Channel customization also could be done here.
  •  Now the linking process is completed.
  •  After the linking process, it refreshes and displays congratulations on your screen
  •  Now your Roku player is ready to use.

For Helpline on Roku ( Call our Toll Free number: +1-866-532-9923

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