HP Envy Printer – Printer Not Connecting/Detecting – Comtech365

HP Envy Printer – Printer Not Connecting/Detecting – Comtech365

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Your computer keeps telling you “Printer Not Connecting/Detecting” error when you are trying to take a print by using the wireless connection. If that error is shown, then follow the given Printer Not Connecting/Detecting procedures.


Connecting your HP Envy Printer

Printer Not Connecting/Detecting

Display “Printer not connected” error

  • Unpack your HP Envy Printer.
  • Follow the setup guidance to remove the packaging.
  • Connect the power cord, switch on the HP Envy Printer and install print cartridges. Enable the printer to go via its start-up routine.
  • Select one of the many connection methods explained below. If your HP Envy Printer works with it and you can choose a wireless connection, then connect it and neglect to install the printer software.


if your printer showing “not detected” error and you are using a wireless network:

  • Make sure the wifi led is lighted and not flashing. if the light is flashing, see set up for the printer and also the wireless connection .
  • When the wifi led is lit and not flashing, your printer is connected to your wireless network. Then continue the following steps.
  • Under system preferences in the hardware section, just click print and fax.
  • Make sure the HP envy printer is listed:
    a. If the HP envy printer is listed, click the minus sign to remove the symbol. then click the plus sign to add the symbol.
    b. If the printer is not shown, click the plus sign, then choose the hp envy printer to add it.

Still “printer not detected” error remains, reset the printer settings:

  • From the view menu, choose print and fax.
  • Right-click the printer symbol, then choose reset print settings.
  • Run the wireless Setup wizard on the printer to connect the printer to a network.
  • Press home > network settings > wireless setup wizard.
  • Choose your network and click ok to connect the printer.
  • Below system preferences in the hardware section, click print and fax.
  • Click the plus sign and follow the on-screen instructions to add the HP Envy printer symbol.
  • Try printing once again.

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