How To Setup HP Printer Fax – Comtech365

How To Setup HP Printer Fax – Comtech365

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HP provides a variety of personal computer printers, which includes All-in-One particular types. These types of printers allow users to copy, scan, and print and also fax through an individual HP printer console. Using all four features within just one HP printer helps you to save space. It’s important  to know how to make use of it and set up the fax segment of the HP printer to make sure your documents are transferred to the recipient correctly and promptly.


HP Printer Fax Setup


  • HP Printer
  • USB cable
  • Telephone line

STEP 1 : Locate the HP printer on a level surface close to your computer. Connect the printer into your electrical outlet.

STEP 2 : Plug the USB cable connection directly to the backside of the HP printer and also attach the other end to the computer USB port. Turn your printer upon by pressing the “Power” switch. Allow the unit to synchronize. The power light will be stable if the unit is ready.

STEP 3 :Place the HEWLETT PACKARD printer Setup CD into your computer CD-ROM drive. The driver Setup will automatically start. Follow the on-screen suggestions to install the unit to your computer. After completed, you will be prompted to reboot the PC. The HP printer is now installed.

STEP 4 :Plug an active telephone line to the rear of your HP printer. You can see the telephone jack next to the USB port. The HP printer is now completely ready to fax a document. Place the document that has to be faxed into the printer , and then press the phone number into the number keypad and hit “Start” in the HP printer.


How To Setup HP Printer Fax

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