HP Envy EPrint Setup For All EPrint Enabled Printers – Comtech365

HP Envy EPrint Setup For All EPrint Enabled Printers – Comtech365

  • 19 Oct 0

Below steps are used to activating and using HP envy Eprint setup

Step 1 : For HP envy Eprint setup, first you have to view your printer main page by double clicking on your printer name under Devices and Printers in the Control Panel. There you will find HP EPrint Center in the list. Double click on it.

Step 2 : Next it will show a welcome screen requesting you to sign in. Click on the Sign in option.

Step 3 : If you don’t have any account then clicks the Sign Up option at the top to create a new account.

hp envy eprint setup

Step 4 : Enter your information to create a new EPrintCenter account.

Step 5 : Then it will ask for your printer code. You actually have it in a printout while you setting up. If you did not remember to print it out before, no problem you could do once again by clicking a link ‘How do I find the printer code link?’ under the Enter Printer Code field. Once you have the code, enter and press ok.

 Step 6 : Now it will display that your printer is added to your HP EPrintCenter account. This was about activating HP envy EPrint setup and adding the printer to the cloud. Click Next to configure more settings.

HP Envy EPrint Setup Customizing Options

Step 1 : Now you can enter a custom email ID ( ex : hpeprinter@hpeprint.com). The same id will be needed when you required to printing an item from any device.

Step 2 :There are three more choices are provided: Allowed Senders, Print Options ,and Print Services tab.

Step 3 :EPrintCenter main page shows the PRINTED notification for a page. And it will contain your print history.

Step 4 :And you will also get a confirmation email when the printer receives any print request via email.

Step 5 :Overall, this new way of printing is most likely to replace or at minimum dominate the traditional printing technique in the future. Everything needs to stay connected to the Internet for this technique to work. And not all HP printers have this option. Only the new range of web-enabled printers has it.


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