How to listen Amazon music on Roku?

How to listen Amazon music on Roku?

  • 12 Mar 0

Imagine this, you come home after a rough day at work. You kick back and relax and switch on your TV and your Roku. You then open Amazon music on Roku and begin playing the last track you heard in the morning. This is the convenience that Amazon Music provides you.

Amazon music has been added to Amazon’s larger Prime content platform. Since Amazon prime is a platform that most people will subscribe because it’s one of those quintessential modern things, chances are most people will have access to Amazon music as well.

Amazon music on roku

You should follow these steps to get Amazon music on Roku.

If your Roku device doesn’t come out the box with Amazon music preinstalled you should head over to the Roku store and search for Amazon music in the streaming search box.

  • After downloading and installing the App you will receive a code on your TV screen. Do not switch off the TV.
  • Go to the website – “” on a computer, mobile phone, Tablet, or laptop and log in to your Amazon account.
  • On the page, you will see a box which will ask you to input the code that you have seen on the screen. You will have to hurry because the code is only valid for a short time.
  • You will now be able to enjoy your favorite tracks on Amazon music on Roku.

All prime subscribers have automatic access to Amazon music and a vast library of close to 2 million songs. But, if you so desire you could spend an additional $7.99 to get access to Amazon music unlimited, which has close to 10 million songs.

Most of the latest chart-topping tracks are available only through an Amazon music unlimited subscription. If you have already synced your Roku account with Amazon prime then you will not have to go through the process again when you upgrade your account. You can then listen to Amazon music Unlimited on Roku.

But why should you get either Amazon music unlimited or Amazon prime music?

  • Well, for one, Both Amazon music unlimited and Amazon prime music offer seamless integration with your Roku device. You can listen to both Amazon prime music and Amazon music unlimited on Roku using the Amazon music app.
  • Unlike other lyrics on other music streaming applications on the market, like Spotify, iheartradio, or an Apple music, on Amazon music or Amazon music unlimited the lyrics will be shown karaoke style. You can belt out your favorite tunes, thanks to Amazon music on Roku, from the comfort of your living room.
  • The tracks are streamed at an impressive 256Kbps bit rate, giving out clear notes through your speakers. Unlike other applications in the market which distort the lyrics due to their higher compression rates.
  • You are able to listen to playlists that other users have created and shared. And the system will recommend new songs and playlists based on your previous history of listening to music on the app.
  • Prime members, who are students do get six months of free access for $6 and less. Prime and Amazon music Unlimited are cheaper than any of the other options currently available on the market.

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